Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Show Critique Make UP

Pick a famous work from the Art Talk Book:  Answer with full sentences and a full paragraph for each question.

1. Describe:  What do you see?
2. Interpret: What does it say? Be creative here...how does it make you feel?
3. Analyze: How does the artist say it? Use ALL the Elements and Principles
4. Judge: Do you like it? Why or why not? Is it art? Why or why not?


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Perspective Assignment

You may choose one of the following

 Creative Imaginary City:


1. City must have 5 skyscraper with windows and doors
2. There must be a sidewalk wrapping around the city or fence posts going into the distance
using perspective formula
            a.  Sidewalk video how to.
3. There must be a clear light source
4. There must be a full range of value from 1-10
5.  The City must be creative and unusual

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5  (Did not meet all the criteria, but very creative!)

Imaginary Space:

Rubric and Examples

1. Shows one light source:  Shading consistent throughout piece.
2. Shows a Full-range of value:  Every shape has a full range of value plus highlights
3. The composition must:
Touch 3 sides of the picture plane and 25% or less of the drawing is negative space.  
Something must run off the page
 1 thing that intersects another
 Boxes that are stacked and at least a few holes (windows or negative space)
 All horizontal lines going to vanishing points

Art I Pre-test Perspective

Art I

Pre-test for next Project Draw a House and Hall with all the requirements listed below

  1. Draw a house
  2. Add a roof
  3. Add a chimney
  4. Add a window
  5. Add a door
  6. Add a sidewalk with lines
  7. Add a fence going into the distance


  1. Draw a hallway as if you are sitting at one end looking down the hall
  2. Add doors at the end of the hall
  3. Add a window along one side of the hall
  4. Add a chair on the other side of the hall
  5. Add a box sitting in the hall

When Finished move to Blog Labelled 'Perspective Preparation'