Monday, January 19, 2015

Art I Artist Report

Art I Artist Report

Basic Requirements:

1. The artist must be famous (talk to me about this).
2. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
3. Minimum of 5 paragraphs (12 pt.)  In this case, a paragraph has at least 8 sentences.
4. Content
One or more paragraphs: Basic artist information:
                    a.  Artist name
                    b.  Birth date
                    c.  Country of birth
                    d.  Date of death
                    e.  What artistic style classifies their work?
                    f.   Describe something unusual, interesting or weird about their lives
One or more paragraphs:
                     a. Describe the piece.  What do I see?
 One or more paragraphs: 
                     a.  Interpret the piece:  What does it say?
                     b.  Be creative here.  Make if fun to read.
One or more paragraphs:
                     a.  Analyze the piece:  How is it said?
                     b.  Use all of the elements and principles.
One or more paragraphs:
                     a.  Judge the work:  Do I like it?  Why or why not?  Is it art?  Why or why not?


Art I Emulation Steps

 Artist Emulation!

Student Emulation of Claude Monet's, The Palazzo da Mula

Learn a few facts about a famous artist
Learn how to mix and blend acrylic paints
Learn how to grid
Learn how to paint in the style of a famous artist


1.  Gesso a board (Put your name on the back!)

2.  Find an image painted by a famous artist

Follow this link to Mr. Linn's web page to find a list of possible artist and the specific requirements for the project.
          LINK to Emulation Criteria
This other link can help you pick artist as well.  Artcylopedia

2.  Send a link with the image you select to me:
Make sure it meets the ALL requirements listed in the link above.  Read it carefully. 

3. Pick up color and black and white copy from your instructor.
4. Paint a base layer of a common light color from the painting.
5. Begin to grid and draw your image on the board using the same method for the portraits.
see how to grid page.
6. Finish color charts and experiment with how to mix colors for you piece.
7.  Show finish color charts and experiments to Tish.
8. Begin painting 
9.  Five paragraph essay about your painting and the artist.  Criteria here.

Student emulation of The Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc
Other past student work can be found here.

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